First and foremost supplements will always come in after a  well-balanced and nutritional diet, if your unsure what a well-balanced and nutritional diet is you can always look into a nutritionist or dietician to aid you. to sum it up briefly, a well balanced and nutritional diet will differ from person to person, as we all have different body structures, perform different daily activities from day to day and have different metabolisms.

example, a man weighing 70kg working in the labour industry will have a different recommended diet for general health or athletic performance, then a man weighing 70kgs working in an office.

even a man weighing 65kgs working in an office and a woman weighing 65kgs working in an office have two completely different recommended diets to one another, if you dont want to spend your money on a nutritionist or dietician, there are many ways to find out specifically what is the most beneficial diet for you and your goals.

this can be done in a manner of ways, the easiest being, weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach, then slide on over to a website that calculates your BMR, what is your BMR?, BMR stands for Basic Metabolic Rate. we will link a website below.

this is the amount of calories your bodies needs just to perform digestion and function of your bodily organs, this does not include what you do for work or any additional exercise you might do, some online calculators will actually add these things in, some will not and youll have to search or track your daily caloric expenditure to determine exactly what they are!.

your daily caloric requirement is made of a mixture of protein, fats and carbohydrates. although depending your goal, health or fitness related you may require a different amount of, Protein, Fats and carbohydrates to achieve your specific goal.


a man weighing 75kgs who is 175cm tall and 25 years of age, who works in the labour industry, and trains for more then an hour and wishes to gain muscle mass may require something like, more the 3500 calories a day, with most of those calories coming from carbohydrates, a portion from fats and the remainder coming fro protein to achieve his goal.

whereas a man weighing 75kgs who is 175cm tall and 35 years of age, who works in the labour industry, does not . train and would just like to feel more energised a be a bit healthier, may require something like, more then 2500 calories a day, with a balance of fats and carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein for recovery.

also a female weighing 75kgs who is 175cm tall and 25 years of age, who works in the labour industry, trains for 45 minutes a day and wishes to gain some muscle mass may require something like, 2400 calories a day, with a large proportion of those calories coming from protein and carbohydrates and small portion coming from fats.

As you can see what we are getting at is everyone requires a different amount of calories depending on who they are to help achieve their goals, some people who are of the same age, weight and height may require totally different numbers if they have a metabolic problem, for example if their metabolism ran faster or slower then the normal persons.

now you have an understanding of the requirements first from nutrition, we can explain exactly where supplements come in, IF your goals are performance specific, and you are ticking all the boxes, daily caloric expenditure met, rest/sleep conditions met, supplements can help by filling in the blanks and really aid you in achieving your desired goal.

if your goal is fat loss, then you need to make sure you are in a deficit, having a fat metabolising supplement can really aid in making sure you burn enough calories during your day to reach your fat loss goal. they can provide you with almost instantaneous energy which can be needed when you've held your body in a deficit for an extended period of time, there are supplements to aid your body in rest, getting your cortisol levels down (cortisol will be explained in a future blog) which can increase fat loss. this is just one positive benefit supplements can have towards your goal, protein supplements can come in handy when we haven't prepared post work or workout with food and need to get some protein in fast, as protein is the building blocks for muscle and without it we will simply struggle achieving our goals. note you should always make sure to get majority of your protein from wholefood sources, as you we get most of your benefits this way.

there are a whole list of benefits each supplement can have on you and your goal, we will chat more specifically about each supplement and their benefits in future blog posts, for now we really want to touch base on the benefits of supplements beyond just fitness goals alone.

sickness, sickness can strike us down so fast, forcing us sometimes, to not being able to eat, depending the sickness this could last an extended period of time, when we go without enough nutrition in our diet, it can take only a few days before our body starts to break down its own tissues as an alternative, such can be seen in cancer patients as they go through chemotherapy, which can cause a loss of appetite, they start to fade away as they are unable to eat during this time, there exists certain types of supplements which can also be used for muscles gain, that can positively impact these people, for example, 

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It is made by most body tissues and is also found in foods such as wheat, corn, barley, peanuts, soybeans, and milk. Glutamine is important for several bodily functions, like acting as building blocks for protein. When the body is malnourished or breaks down its own muscle protein, known as cachexia, taking extra glutamine can help restore body levels and prevent adverse health effects. For example, glutamine is the major fuel source of cells that line the intestinal tract, and is therefore important in maintaining GI function. It is also the major fuel source for certain cells used in the body’s immune defense. It removes excess toxic ammonia from the body and synthesises glutathione to help detoxify foreign substances in the liver.

Glutamine may help treat muscle wasting in patients with advanced cancer and AIDS and prevent oral inflammation related to certain cancer treatments. Initial studies also suggest it may help chemotherapy-related nerve pain. Larger well-designed trials are needed to confirm these effects.

this is just one supplement that can have a positive impact on those malnurished due to sickness, being our first blog we dont want to get into it all so we will save more for our future blog posts, if youve made it this far and have been interested by our post, thank you for taking the time out of your day, until next time :)


May 27, 2019 — Jake Aloi

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